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I hope this doesn't contain spoliers, because I legit want to watch the series from the beginning. The environment seems lived-in, in a way and I'd like to explore the universe you've created.

Consider yourself followed. :)

Krusty the Frog

Shoutout to Fred the fish for making a cameo in the video and being a good sport with his broken leg.

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I clicked on this because the name was absurd and bizarre.

I'll give credit where credit is due, this is fun for a bit. :)

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Sweet! Reminds me of a couple things: Final Fantasy VII battle music, Pokemon (GBA) and every Kirby game I’ve played.

I think it loops well.

I also think the mix needs a bit of work and some of the instruments don’t strike me as authentic GBA but rather sound more like they are N64-based (although I may be wrong about that). Other than that I like it. Good job. :)

wyver9 responds:


I really got taken in by the sense of space and atmosphere in the beginning. I can see why you wrote this the way you did; the way it plays seems to me like it projects a sense of something bigger than one’s self. As it progresses I picture a night in a grassy field looking up at the sky and seeing stars with a sense of something mystical.

The drum part that kicks in almost four minutes in feels really tribal and raw. It’s a weird pull, but it kind of reminds me of the dancing scene from Matrix: Reloaded when they’re in Zion.

Anyway, well done to all of you. :)

My impression: this is quite atmospheric and nice to listen to. That whistle in the beginning in particular is neat. To me it adds a bit of mysterious quality to this piece. Like the quiet numbness after being blind sighted by something that caused an unexpected shock.

The only issue I have here is this piece seems to meander a bit, stylistically; the setup is great but it drifts in direction throughout the song and as a result it feels a little unfocused IMO.

Well done overall, though. :)

As for doing this all in one go: It’s impressive you were able to do this. That said, I don’t know your workflow or process, but I’d like to share with you that I personally find works for me to help with when I write music is to take at least a few minutes of break time throughout the day while working on a project to distract from the song, in addition to taking breaks between days. That way I can come back later with a fresher mind.

I hope that helps you as well. :)

BlighterProductions responds:

Hey man, thanks for the compliments and the tips about the song. I greatly appreciate it. And thanks for the tips about the workflow.

I personally like to work on music when my mindset is fully focused on it. If I have got the right ideas of what I want my song to be, I could work on it for hours on end without losing my focus on it. It’s just that I have a very busy time right now, and I can’t give one thing my undivided attention because of that, unfortunately.

Anyways, thank you very much.

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That’s awesome! :)

Her eyes are a cross of characters from post-Wind Waker Zelda and Jessica Rabbit.

What’s the title mean, though?

“We're sorry skeletons, you're so misunderstood
You only want to socialize, but I don't think we should“

Poor guy. :(

No idea if this is based on an existing license, so with that in mind, I’ll say this: It’s an adorable picture but the eyes throw me off. It’s like that creepy scene from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Codefreq (pronounced "code freak") grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He has a longstanding passion for video games and music. He started writing music with the computer since he was a little kid (around age 5) and he has been writing music ever since.

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