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Wow, the production values here are excellent! It’s like seeing an official lego movie. :)

Hahaha!! :D Finally; a return to the world of Sublo & Tangy Mustard! Was wondering when another episode will arrive.

Yeah, it’s more a short gag video, but it made me laugh out loud multiple times. XD looking forward to the next proper episode!

Aaron-Long responds:

shouldn't be long, maybe 2 or 3 weeks away!

Hilarous! XD

Was the Dip-In-The-Pool Walrus design inspired by Meg Griffin? I mean, that pink hat…

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The fast action of this game makes for a lot of fun gameplay. :)

It strikes me as stylistically like Meatboy meet's Binding of Issac with a bit of Retro City Rampage's Virtual-Boy-type graphics filter over it. Both characters are fun to play. The controls are pretty good, although the special button being Q can be somewhat cumbersome.

I also think it would be a good idea to add some kind of visual or audio cue to signal when the bar that allows you to use the special move fills up. I found myself having to glance at it to keep up but the fast pace of the game can make doing so more difficult.

A minor thing: clicking away from the screen did not automatically pause it. I'm not sure if that was an intentional decision or not but I thought I'd bring it up.

Overall, I think you guys did a great job. :)

Neat and unique twist on a puzzle-platformer.

The first explicitly math-featured game I think I've ever enjoyed. :)


This is the best creepy point-and-click I've played since the Crimson Room series from way back when. I flinched at several moments.

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Really cool stuff! Love the campy vibe, like if Nightmare Before Christmas took place in a haunted nightclub. :)

Sweet! Reminds me of a couple things: Final Fantasy VII battle music, Pokemon (GBA) and every Kirby game I’ve played.

I think it loops well.

I also think the mix needs a bit of work and some of the instruments don’t strike me as authentic GBA but rather sound more like they are N64-based (although I may be wrong about that). Other than that I like it. Good job. :)

wyver9 responds:


I really got taken in by the sense of space and atmosphere in the beginning. I can see why you wrote this the way you did; the way it plays seems to me like it projects a sense of something bigger than one’s self. As it progresses I picture a night in a grassy field looking up at the sky and seeing stars with a sense of something mystical.

The drum part that kicks in almost four minutes in feels really tribal and raw. It’s a weird pull, but it kind of reminds me of the dancing scene from Matrix: Reloaded when they’re in Zion.

Anyway, well done to all of you. :)

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Nice! Could be the Hallmark holiday card Venom would receive from his family assuming he had one.

Creepy but interesting. Did you intend to make their faces look like they were intended for Thomas & Friends?

Aw, how adorable. 😊

Outside of the context of the news story it’s based on, it seems like it could be potentially interpreted as symbolic or poetic. Of what else I’m not certain, but that’s the great thing about art, right?

Anyway, nice work. :)

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