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I love the contrast between Nox’s demonic voice and his mom’s voice 😆

I love how the R2 unit’s lightsaber was basically that Windows XP screensaver from back in the day 😆

This is insane! Every bit of this feels like it’s got a lot of love and time and energy and effort poured into it, from the music to the animation to the art to the VO work, it’s incredibly well done! :D

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The fast action of this game makes for a lot of fun gameplay. :)

It strikes me as stylistically like Meatboy meet's Binding of Issac with a bit of Retro City Rampage's Virtual-Boy-type graphics filter over it. Both characters are fun to play. The controls are pretty good, although the special button being Q can be somewhat cumbersome.

I also think it would be a good idea to add some kind of visual or audio cue to signal when the bar that allows you to use the special move fills up. I found myself having to glance at it to keep up but the fast pace of the game can make doing so more difficult.

A minor thing: clicking away from the screen did not automatically pause it. I'm not sure if that was an intentional decision or not but I thought I'd bring it up.

Overall, I think you guys did a great job. :)

Neat and unique twist on a puzzle-platformer.

The first explicitly math-featured game I think I've ever enjoyed. :)


This is the best creepy point-and-click I've played since the Crimson Room series from way back when. I flinched at several moments.

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Musically it’s beautiful. It builds up really smoothly and I can really feel the emotion behind the words you sing.

Lyrically it’s quite dark, but it’s effective and isn’t too on the nose while also conveying its message clearly enough to be understandable.

Very well done. :)

Love it! I get a serious sense of twisted fear and the music evoking imagery of undead creatures that aren’t necessarily visible but are nonetheless scary, executed in a serious way. Also getting some serious Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask vibes, like if Ben drowned and woke up in the twilight realm.

This is all what was going through my mind even before reading the premise in your description.

After reading your premise, It occurred to me just how eerie it was to read during a time when wildfire-induced smoke had just covered my hometown and made it very difficult and unhealthy to breathe for more than a few minutes over a three-day period.

Overall, really good music presentation. It fit really well with the imagery your description presented. Feels creepy as hell and it’s clear you were able to evoke a lot with a little here. :)

LD-W responds:


Yeah I'd love to try and do more stuff like this, moreso on a VG, Film or album scale (albeit with each track having a good amount of time spent on each one instead of the 2-hour speed-comp this was haha). This is the kind of atmosphere I've always loved to do, so it's definitely cool to see others also liking it!

I’m so proud to have been able to be a part of this, such an honor to have been able to contribute to such a significant piece of Newgrounds’ history! :)

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Getting some serious “Spirited Away” vibes here. Good job. :)

SketchMeNot responds:

Ah! Funny you mention that! I actually listened to the Spirited Away OST a bit while working on this, along with Nujabes/Samurai Champloo tracks! (^w^)

Thank you so much! Glad you like the piece!

Beautifully drawn! :) Really neat to see Mizore-chan come out of her shell and wear brighter clothes, kinda like her flowery kimono outfits. Are brighter outfits like this canon for Mizore-chan or is this simply an answer to a question like, “what of she wore this”?

SketchMeNot responds:

Ahhh! Thank you so much!! (>w<) Hehe, right? It's super fun to draw her in these different outfits, and this one in particular! She's not entirely opposed to wearing brighter clothing, she just ends up wearing darker clothing more often than not hehe. She does still often wear white or pale colored clothing, so this swimsuit ensemble would totally be canon! (^w^)

No idea what your intent was here but I imagine it’s like a hellish representation of the effect of day after day of sameness and being stuck at a boring and nondescript 9-5pm job that really sucks your soul out of you.

Makes me think, and I have respect for that.

Edit: I hadn’t seen that video until you just sent me the link. I see what you mean. Interesting.

nashotobi responds:

something like that. Have you seen Meg Myers - Numb music video? also great visualization of being overwhelmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORaln6aPqUk

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