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Codefreq (pronounced "code freak") grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He has a longstanding passion for video games and music. He started writing music with the computer since he was a little kid (around age 5) and he has been writing music ever since.

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Codefreq's News

Posted by Codefreq - 1 month ago

Happy Halloween, everybody!

First, I just posted my latest song for the occasion of Halloween. It's a spooky experimental piece with orchestral elements, creepy effects, and campy lyrics. Here it is:

I entered it in this year's Halloween Spooktacular. I hope you enjoy it!

I also have a soundcloud link if you're so inclined:


Second, I worked with Diives on another animation. You can find it here:

It's a cutesy, funny parody of Squid Game featuring his characters. I recommend checking it out.

Hope everyone has fun trick-or-treating today! If you don't, well, have fun anyway. Cheers! :)


Posted by Codefreq - September 25th, 2021

Hey all,

Happy Chilean Independence Day! :D

I've got quite a few things to cover:

First, I recently completed another music score for an amazing project with my friend, @diives. It's called, "Lonely Star", and it is a celebration of the Chilean independence day as well as a celebration of artists based in Chile. I did both the rearrangement of the Chilean national anthem and the end credits theme. You can check out the corresponding videos here, in English and Spanish:

English version:

Spanish version:

If you'd like to hear the music only, so far I have two versions uploaded. You can find them here:




In other news, I recently participated in the Newgrounds Underdog Audio Contest, or NGUAC, for 2021. While I did not win, I'm honored to have made it to the final round and make it to 9th place out of the 49 final round contestants. Congrats to @Michael-Flaherty, @Eliasalija, and @Agente001Tomhson for reaching the top three and to everyone else who made it to the final round. That in itself is already not easy to do. :)

In case you missed my entry, this is it:

Regarding my YouTube video I mentioned in my last post, unfortunately I have been caught up in tech issues with the computer I use for screen capture and as a result I need to delay. Hopefully I can get this stuff sorted out soon. I will definitely keep you all posted. Stay tuned. :)

In the mean time, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here to stay informed:


To download my YouTube tracks and support me at the same time, go to my Bandcamp page:


If you'd like to check out my website, here it is:


Have a great rest of your day, everyone! :)



Posted by Codefreq - August 9th, 2021

Hey everyone!

First off, I recently completed music for another animation project by my talented friend, @Diives, and it has just been made public! Dou, Zhima, and Shiliu are engaged in a battle with an ancient, laser-firing demon. Seemingly overpowered, they summon the Lord of Mirrors to help turn the tide. Do the succeed?? Click here and find out:

Lord Of Mirrors

I did the music and did some of the sound cues. It was so much fun to work on. :)

Also, I found out that both my entries for this year's "Art Inspired Music" contest (AIM 2021) made it on the album. I honestly didn't see that coming. WOW! :D

I'm honored, as there were a lot of excellent entries this year. Thanks to @Random-storykeeper for hosting, congrats to all the winners, and a special shoutout to some of my favorite honorable mentions (in no particular order):

"Vindicta" by @SmokeAvery

"Joa Goes Fishing" by @Everratic

"creepy-crawly concerto" by @Ketyri

"Call to Adventure" by @larrynachos

"Stomach of the Beast" by @WakerLink

That's just a few of the whopping 100+ awesome entries for this year alone. I highly recommend going to the official list of AIM 2021 entries and giving each piece a listen. You can find the list of approved entries, in parts, at the following links:

AIM 2021 Approved Submissions part 1

AIM 2021 Approved Submissions part 2

AIM 2021 Approved Submissions part 3

Lastly, I'm currently working on another YouTube video. Please be sure to check out and subscribe to my channel, here, where I post tutorials, original music, and what I call, "Audio Speedpaints", where I capture my screen while I write music and speed up the footage. I'm currently resolving scheduling issues so I can hopefully be able to post videos more regularly, so in the mean time, stay tuned.

Happy listening! :)



Posted by Codefreq - June 29th, 2021

Hey everybody!

First off, holy cow, 200 followers?? You guys are awesome! :D

Now, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is, as a result of me returning to my old job after over a year of being unable to work there due to the restrictions caused by Covid-19, my schedule is now in flux and I will be less regular with my YouTube channel. In the mean time, please be sure to subscribe to it so you will be aware when things start getting put into high gear again. You can find my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc8KSSTFLmcls2pQEgCiyDw

The good news is, I spent some time creating a website with links to some demo reels I made containing my works. You can find my website in the list of my links in my profile as well as here: 


If you're looking for someone to do music for one of your projects, please feel free to reach out to me. :)

Also, I did the music for another project my friend, Diives, created. This one’s a dub of his creepy comic, called "Qingjiu's Duty". I recommend you check his video out if you are a fan of horror. You can find it here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/802689

Once again, I composed the music and some cue elements. I hope you enjoy! :D



Posted by Codefreq - February 14th, 2021


First, I reorganized my Bandcamp page. Now you can go and buy music I made that I put up on my YouTube channel (found here)! You can check out the first of these compilations, titled, "Volume 1: Jackpot", here:


Also, I worked on another video for my friend, @Diives. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the video in question shows an adorable representation of different types of valentine-related situations. Do yourself a favor and check it out here:

All the music and musical cues were composed by myself. :)

Enjoy! :D



Posted by Codefreq - February 3rd, 2021

Hey guys!

I should have mentioned earlier; a friend of mine has started a podcast themed around the tabletop game called Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Check it out here:


I did the music for it, which you can find here:



Posted by Codefreq - January 8th, 2021

Hey guys!

I finished my VGM Challenge Submission for Final Push! Head here to check it out! :D

This was a ton of fun to compose. I hope you enjoy!



Posted by Codefreq - January 8th, 2021

Last update: September 5, 2021

See bottom of page for update details


Hey guys!

I thought I'd make a separate post for those who are interested in the story that goes along with my VGMC 2020 entry for the Final Push Challenge. The majority of this was created before I started working on any themes for the submission. Keep in mind I don't have a ton of experience writing stories.

Anyway, here's the text, I hope you enjoy:


VGMC 2020 Final Push Backstory


In the peaceful small town of Timberwood, a timid boy named Lonnie wakes up one day to find his roommate and only friend is missing. He can’t find her anywhere in town, which also seems to be strangely empty. After looking around town, he heads back to his house and finds a note on the door he didn’t see before with the phrase, “Help me!” written on it, in blood. Startled, Lonnie begins to panic. Then he notices something on the back of the note, with unusual and eerie lettering saying “If you want to see your friend again, Come find me… - Lord Draco”. And so begins Lonnie’s adventure to find those missing from his town, and especially, his childhood friend, Melanie. Being a shy boy who doesn’t speak well with others, Lonnie will have to overcome many trials and fears, meeting enemies as well as future companions. How will he do?



Lonnie: a timid, awkward, character who does not gel well with others in his town no matter how hard he tries. He is the main protagonist.

Melanie: a kind and supportive person who lives with Lonnie as his closest, and initially only, friend; Her theme song is a song she sung for many years whenever she felt lonely, to remind her of the comfort of her parents.

Lord Draco: An evil man who is bent on becoming an all-powerful king and sewing chaos in the world. He is the main antagonist.

Charly: A bully from Timberwood who, with his gang of friends, is frequently mean to other Timberwood residents, especially Lonnie. The outward reason Charly is mean to Lonnie the most is that Lonnie is easy to pick on due to his apparent inability to fit in with most other residents, but some suspect there is an ulterior motive, based on how cruel he is toward Lonnie when Melanie gets involved.

Ward: A skilled and resourceful thief who never got caught stealing, now an 11-years-and-counting prisoner for life working in The Mines of Du Notting after being framed for a murder he didn't commit. As Lonnie's jail mate, Ward opens up to him during the evening meal about the deception of outsiders by those native to Du Notting, about the ins and outs of how the "labor camp" prison system worked, about how he got framed for killing his partner in crime even though, as he claimed, he never killed anyone up to that point, and how he had since made a promise to himself that, if he ever escaped, he would put stealing from the good and innocent behind him. Ward agrees to help Lonnie on his quest after seeing potential for escape and listening to Lonnie's story.

Joeseph: A recurring merchant throughout the game. After seeing the destruction of the market in DeVille Village where he was long a prominent trader, Joseph moved out and tried to set up shop elsewhere. One day, after arriving in Du Notting to stay for a night, he was captured by the local secret police force and was going to be sent to the mines like every other prisoner. However, when Joseph tried to bribe his way out of this punishment, he inadvertently demonstrated how invaluable his skillset was as a salesman and how relentless and brave he was willing to be to strike a deal. At that point, he was given a choice: either toil away the rest of his life digging in the local mountain mines or live in comfort as a resident in exchange for "bringing tourism to Du Notting". He, naturally, chose the latter option without fully realizing what that meant and became someone who lured unsuspecting outsiders into Du Notting. After Lonnie escaped the mines via Mt. Helena, Joseph is frequently encountered in conveniently located places along Lonnie’s journey and is available barter goods with him.

Amelia: a geeky and flamboyant sort of person with who spends a lot of time in her lab\study looking into an ancient and long-forgotten art form: magineering (Magic + Scientific engineering; mainly used for flight but also other things, like defense and combat).

Further Explanation for Amelia: At first, Lonnie approached Amelia with caution, as she seemed rather eccentric. He timidly got her attention and explained his situation, but Amelia seemed both hesitant and preoccupied. She told Lonnie she was busy looking for some old blueprints near the area and didn't have time or resources to help. Then Lonnie got an idea: he showed Amelia a diagram he happened to come across in Mt. Helena during his and his friends' escape from The Mines of Du Notting. When presented with what turned out to be the blueprints Amelia was looking for, she was suddenly overcome with excitement and enthusiasm, as she could finally recreate the Magineering Staff in its entirety. However, her excitement was short-lived, as a closer look at the blueprints and she figured out she didn't have the right materials. Amelia then said she would love to help as a way to repay Lonnie for finding the blueprints, but, as she claimed, she wouldn't be much use unless she had a working Magineering Staff. Amelia then sends Lonnie on a material hunt. Once these materials are found, Amelia works to complete the Magineering Staff, then afterwards joins Lonnie on his quest.

Stonehead: an aggressive combatant at the "Gladiator's Fist" Colosseum who agrees to help Lonnie after challenging him to a fight (and losing).

Lucy Kannan: A gruff but well-intentioned woman who is an assistant to the person who runs the bait store, "The Poisson Croissant" located in The Shanty Surf Port. She has an extremely good sense of direction and is very quick on her feet, and is therefore harder to hit in combat than Lonnie and his other friends. Although her direct-contact attacks like punches and kicks are not very powerful, her ranged attacks do a lot of damage, particularly when she uses her harpoon. She can also use her fishing rod to take distant objects and flip switches when other methods fail, and she can even use it to steal objects from enemies, whether in combat or not. She is the only one of Lonnie's new friends who actively volunteers to help him out (rather than being asked or convinced), as she feels both trapped and undervalued at the bait store she works in and loves the idea of adventuring.

Jinx The Jester: an evil magician and Lord Draco’s right-hand man; a master of illusion and deception via dark magic.



Timberwood: A small, quaint town located in a deep forest; home of Lonnie, Melanie, and Charly. It is the starting point of the game.

Du Notting: A suspiciously wealthy neighborhood holding a dark secret beneath its glossy exterior

The Mines of Du Notting: The dirty little secret of Du Notting where outsiders who are lured into the town are placed to perform slave labor for the enrichment of the local residents; located at the base of Mt. Helena

Mt. Helena: an active volcano and escape route from The Mines of Du Notting

The Windy Valley Plains: a wide open space with a heavy breeze, two-feet tall grass, a lone cottage (Amelia’s lab\study), many enemies like bandits and wolves, and nowhere to hide.

The North Star: A sprawling city with the country’s only battle arena as its claim to fame

“Gladiator’s Fist” Colosseum: A battle arena levitating high in the sky, unreachable by conventional means except by escort with a registered combatant and authorized pilot. Combat matches between warriors are held here. The winner at the end of the fighting season is given a prize.

North Star Cemetery: A haunted graveyard located just east of The North Star where fallen warriors are laid to rest

The Shanty Surf Port: A seaside fishing harbor, home of "The Poisson Croissant", which in spite of its posh name is actually an old, aesthetically dirty and lived-in bait store that provides fishing supplies, boats, nautical maps and charts, and in a way, Lonnie's eventual friend, Lucy Kannan.

The Hidden Coast: The rocky coastline of what turns out to be Island DeVille, an island hidden in fog where those who attempt entry get lost and end up inadvertently leaving without ever seeing land. This area of the island is the home of the abandoned DeVille Port and entryway to DeVille Village.

DeVille Village: a devastated, ruin-filled frozen landscape where a neighborhood once was. Now crowded with enemies and other unsavory characters looking to aid Lord Draco, this is the final stronghold before Castle DeVille

Castle DeVille: The evil Lord Draco’s palace/final level


Notes on Magineering:

[History, according to Amelia's research]

The ancient artform of "Magineering" dates back approx. 14000 years, back when an ancient scientist/philosopher (Who's name, in an ancient alphabet, translated into something like "Burdwan Fleias" [pronounced Bird-won Fleyas], meaning "Man With Wings", in the common modern tongue) invented a mysterious tool that allowed mankind to manipulate objects within the defined boundaries of electricity and engineering as well as the ability to use any number of magic powers; powers that go outside what is seen as scientifically possible. It is said that Burdwan created seventeen of these staffs, one for every prominent villager in the ancient civilization, as well as dozens of encyclopedic volumes worth (tens of thousands of pages) of instructional knowledge for these people to be able to use the staffs to suit their needs and desires. This instrument is now referred to as the "Magineering Staff" and its powers were virtually limitless. As it is written in the ancient records, The staff was so powerful that these ancients and their powers very quickly got out of hand, so much so it nearly caused the total destruction of the world, with a summoning of an apocalyptic disaster. To prevent the recorded cataclysm from happening again, Burdwan destroyed every single original Magineering staff. Blueprints for the staff were hidden and almost all knowledge on usage of Magineering was burned. What few records of knowledge remained had been scattered.

As was later found out, One final modification and safeguard was added to the blueprints before they were hidden, in case they were found: In order to make full use of Magineering, the person must have a Maginnering staff and any recorded knowledge of its abilities must be carried with the user and read from in order to use the corresponding abilities. This modified blueprint is the only known existing working blueprint for a Magineering staff that exists.

As of now {before meeting Lonnie} only three of these knowledge records have been recovered: Combat Basics, Defense Basics, and Flight.


Treasure Sonar (see-through walls)

Lock Hacking (two upgrades: doors, treasure chests, respectively)

Time Progression Speed Manipulation (two upgrades: slow and fast, respectively)

Cat Vision (see in the dark)

Side note: It's possible Lord Draco discovered the power of Magineering and may be looking for ways to unlock the secrets and bypass the staff safeguards.


Check back from time to time, as this backstory may have changes made to it or additional details added.


Update September 5 2021:

-Lucy Kannan, The Shanty Surf Port, The Hidden Coast, and other related details added

-Magineering Notes section added

-recently, Charlie was added to the characters list

-Minor typos and grammatical fixes



Posted by Codefreq - January 1st, 2021

Hey everyone! Happy 2021!

I thought I’d kick off the new year with a music thread. Here’s the link to it: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1462145#bbspost26667710_post_text

Let’s say goodbye to one of the worst years in modern history and say hello to 2021. Cross your fingers that there will be nowhere to go but up.




Posted by Codefreq - December 23rd, 2020

Hey everyone!

I worked on another project for my friend, @Diives. It’s a wholesome video about an old woman requesting a character called “The Mouse Zodiac” play her late grandson’s last song on a flute. It was so much fun to write for and I’m thrilled I got to work on another project with him.

All the music and musical cues were composed by myself. :)

The video project is called “Wandering Gift”. Check it out here: https://www.newgrounds.com/projects/movies/1567899

I have a YouTube channel as well, where you can check out my audio drawings:


Enjoy! :D