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Codefreq (pronounced "code freak") grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He has a longstanding passion for video games and music. He started writing music with the computer since he was a little kid (around age 5) and he has been writing music ever since.

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Hey all,

Happy Chilean Independence Day! :D

I've got quite a few things to cover:

First, I recently completed another music score for an amazing project with my friend, @diives. It's called, "Lonely Star", and it is a celebration of the Chilean independence day as well as a celebration of artists based in Chile. I did both the rearrangement of the Chilean national anthem and the end credits theme. You can check out the corresponding videos here, in English and Spanish:

English version:

Spanish version:

If you'd like to hear the music only, so far I have two versions uploaded. You can find them here:




In other news, I recently participated in the Newgrounds Underdog Audio Contest, or NGUAC, for 2021. While I did not win, I'm honored to have made it to the final round and make it to 9th place out of the 49 final round contestants. Congrats to @Michael-Flaherty, @Eliasalija, and @Agente001Tomhson for reaching the top three and to everyone else who made it to the final round. That in itself is already not easy to do. :)

In case you missed my entry, this is it:

Regarding my YouTube video I mentioned in my last post, unfortunately I have been caught up in tech issues with the computer I use for screen capture and as a result I need to delay. Hopefully I can get this stuff sorted out soon. I will definitely keep you all posted. Stay tuned. :)

In the mean time, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here to stay informed:


To download my YouTube tracks and support me at the same time, go to my Bandcamp page:


If you'd like to check out my website, here it is:


Have a great rest of your day, everyone! :)



Let me enhance your project with music!

Hello, I'm Codefreq. I compose music of a variety of different styles.

Here’s a demo reel I created, full of excerpts from various pieces I wrote from the beginning of 2020 through to mid-May 2021:

More info on my website:


I have been composing music for almost two decades, since I was a small child.

I consistently make music that sounds like it could fit a movie or video game.

Most music I create has some kind of scenario or image behind it while I am writing, so my writing style changes based on the imagery.

I have a lot of virtual tools at my disposal for making music of different styles, including orchestral, electronic, and guitar instruments, as well as multiple drums and other percussion to make music that complements the imagery behind it.

I can compose on a tight schedule.

If you're looking for quickly composed and distinctive music specifically tailored to fit your movie or game, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss the details.

Looking forward to working with you. :)


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